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The Official MEBA Election Results

[ 0 ] December 11, 2010 |

election results 1 The Official MEBA Election ResultsWe the undersigned were duly elected at special meetings held on Monday November 29, 2010 in the ports of New York, New Orleans, Houston, Baltimore, Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. The Tallying Committee met the morning of Monday December 6, 2010, at Headquarters to oversee the tallying of the ballots and resolve any disputes that may arise.

The Committee elected Claudia Cimini as Chairperson and Bart Troxell as recording secretary. The Committee then met with Ken Egger, the National Vice President of Elections from the American Arbitration Association. He served as the impartial administrator overseeing the tallying and directing the counters from the AAA.

The Committee proceeded to the Post Office Depository at 12th and Pennsylvania to pick up the ballots. The postal clerk turned over five trays of mail to the Committee at 0955. The post office box was verified as empty by the clerk, and all mail received to the satisfaction of the Tally Committee. The Committee returned to Headquarters with the ballots so that the tallying could commence. All ballots were in custody of the Tallying Committee and AAA at all times.

Ken Egger of AAA explained to all present that 4000 ballots were printed. On September 1st, a total of 3666 ballots were mailed to the membership. Additional ballots were later mailed as follows: 42 ballots to new members, 102 duplicate ballots as per members’ requests, and 4 challenge ballots. This totals 3,814 ballots mailed. The members’ addresses were provided to AAA by Headquarters.

A total of 1,674 ballots were collected from the Post Office. At Headquarters AAA staff arranged the ballots in numerical order and began the process of determining if the ballots received were valid as per By-Laws. MEBA Comptroller Eric Pittman provided a list of ineligible members due to arrears in their dues.

A total of 108 ballots were disqualified for the following reasons:

90 ballots due to unpaid union dues.

15 ballots due to missing name and/or signature on the ballot return envelope. 1 ballot returned in a plain white envelope.

1 ballot  due to previously being opened & re-taped closed.

1 ballot where name on envelope did not match union records.

At this point AAA began processing the ballots. The process occurred in an orderly manner to the satisfaction of the Tally Committee.

After initial review of the tally, the Committee requested AAA to recount the following elected positions:

1)     President

2)     Secretary Treasurer

3)     Atlantic Coast Vice President

4)     Gulf Coast Vice President

5)     Branch Agent – Houston
6)     Patrolman – New Orleans (There were two recounts in this contest due to the closeness of the vote and the similarity of candidates’ names.)
7)     Branch Agent – Seattle

The Committee received tremendous amounts of support from Eric Pittman and Marco Cannistraro and their staff. Special thanks to Ann Holmes for her logistical support.

The Impartial Administrator has prepared and signed his own certification of the election results. The certification is incorporated herein by reference.

The Tally Committee is satisfied with the procedure and certification of the election.

Dan Barrett:37
Mike Jewell:824 - MEBA UNITED
Don Keefe:660
Don Struthers:29

Bill Van Loo:789
Pat Wright:729

Atlantic Coast VP
John Burke:155
Chris Guerra:802MEBA UNITED
Paul McCarthy:546

Gulf Coast VP
John Hasson:160
Jon Lincoln:685 - MEBA UNITED
Tom Suneson:636

West Coast (Executive) VP
Jon Anderson:301
Dave Nolan:698 MEBA UNITED
Larry Young:484


William Bagby:105
Steve Jablonski:709MEBA UNITED
Bryan Rusk:216
Salvatore Zingales:429

Mark Corrales:86
Karol Kingery:481
Phil Sistrunk:127
Maury Welsh:35
Dana Woodruff:749MEBA UNITED


Bob Madden:779 MEBA UNITED
Adam Vokac:681


Jim McCrary:731
Dave Nashif:753MEBA UNITED

Richard Adams:810MEBA UNITED
Don Raffaniello:630

Wil Johns:720MEBA UNITED
Wil Jones:714

Patrick Anderson:762 MEBA UNITED
Doug Dawes:127
Mark Taylor:551

Mike Dunklin:788 MEBA UNITED
Jon Erlandson:170
Charles Jerrier:480


Richard Doherty:736
Ernest Leep:708

Kevin Cross:228
Jeff Duncan:628
Nathan Williams:607

Convention Representatives
Richard Adams:700MEBA UNITED
Patrick Anderson:718 MEBA UNITED

David Cake:626
Bill Campbell:716
Kevin Cross:358
Tim Dayton:596
Richard Doherty:602
Jeff Duncan:645
Mike Dunklin:682MEBA UNITED
Mark Gallagher:707
Ben Goldrich:461
Charles Jerrier:446
Wil Johns:649 MEBA UNITED
Ernest Leep:614
Mark Lund:699MEBA UNITED
Jennifer Novinger:739
Doc Photopoulos:427
Greg Quintana:655MEBA UNITED
Don Raffaniello:580
Mark Taylor:529
Ray Twitty:720MEBA UNITED
Richard Wagner:614
Steven Walker:530
Nathan Williams:696MEBA UNITED

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